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Trip to Puerto Vallerta

To review my trip, I traveled to Puerto Vallarta for my birthday, which was on Mother's Day. I stayed at a nice resort called Now Amber. The hotel was nice as the room was great. The food was pretty good but the wine sucked! It was from Chile. And the beer and tequila were terrible with the all-inclusive, all you can eat/drink package.

You can buy better tequila here in the US for a cheaper price. I'm sure its better at the local markets in Puerto Vallerta. I did a nice city tour which was very informative about the history of Puerto Vallerta with a tequila tour which I recommend but be careful because you are taken to expensive touristy places.

They had a French restaurant at the resort. Most of it was very good. We had a bottle of Malbec wine which was just OK. It was $77 a bottle, the least expensive on the menu. Do not order the steak there. We ordered a top sirloin cooked to medium rare. What came back was overcooked and extremely hard to eat.

I also recommend the Rythm of the Nights tour. Its pricey but a very good experience. Next time I will be looking to stay at a different resort.

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