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Wall Art

About the Artist

Hi welcome to My Wine art Site ,


I have very Unique Art, Made from Wine Foils,

The things everybody Throw’s away,


I have  always Admired the beauty of the art put on Wine Tops, And I started to cut them off carefully ,


And collect them at first I bought frames and arranged them in the Frames to mount on the wall, then putting them in coasters,


I thought how beautiful they looked, then advanced to cutting foils and making abstract tiny pieces of art , then I Painting the backgrounds,


And mounted foils onto the painted surface , and I have made some as well for the wall. And I have make what I call my Fashion Collection, completely constructed from Wine Foil. And I continue to come up with more Idea’s, I hope you find my work as much fun, and Interesting as I do,


They make great gifts and Memorabilia. From visited Winery’s.



My Mission : To get the Wine industry to get back using beautiful art on all wine tops, and not only Judge the Wine but also Judge the wine Foil art. My Hats off to the Winery’s that uphold the Tradition of Beautiful Foil art.



If you send me your Wine foil Tops ,I will customize coasters for you.

That go’s for the wine Industry as well.   Thank you and have fun Exploring .

Daniel Miller

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